The Challenges of Hydroelectric Project Relicensing

Every hydroelectric relicensing project is composed of a series of complex and challenging elements: e-publishing, websites, correspondence, meetings, distribution lists, studies, license applications, etc. Each element that fits within the structure of the process has specific requirements that must be met or considered. Each relicensing project is as unique as the individuals who administer and participate in the process.

Rely upon our reservoir of experience to create an appropriate solution to your relicensing needs. Over the last twelve years, eureka software has worked with 30 percent of the total megawatt capacity of all licenses issued in the United States. This includes 47 percent of all licenses issued in Washington state, totaling 66 percent of the total megawatt capacity of the state.

We provide solutions for a complex process

  • Hydroelectric Licensing Websites: Designing and implementing customized websites on the public Internet and/or the private corporate intranet to facilitate the licensing/relicensing process

  • ES Compliance Tracker Software: Easy-to-use software designed specifically for the hydroelectric license compliance process to produce an accurate audit trail of documents, identify and keep track of tasks and responsible parties, and generate detailed reports. A SQL version is also available.

  • Hydroelectric License Publication: Creating templates designed with custom formatted styles for production of linked/bookmarked electronic documents, and processing complex documents into interactive PDFs for publication on the Web and CD/DVD for the hydropower licensing/relicensing process

  • Databases: Designing and implementing databases for licensing compliance, dam safety, and for tracking any licensing/relicensing conditions, articles, or documentation

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licensing management

eureka software has experience with all hydroelectric licensing and relicensing processes: integrated, alternative, and traditional.

An enormous amount of information is generated before, during, and after a licensing process.

Organization of and access to that information is critical to fulfilling licensing goals. A good licensing management solution can provide structure and access to crucial business materials across a variety of platforms. eureka software has the essential experience to design, integrate, and implement hydroelectric licensing management solutions using tools such as collaborate team services websites (private and public), SharePoint portal servers, and compliance management technologies.



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