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Hydroelectric License Publication

eureka software can create searchable archive DVDs that include all the license application support documents. The documents then become easily accessible to those working on negotiations for the license. And, as the licensing process moves forward into implementation and through settlement negotiations, having license application documentation content accessible by a search of interactive PDFs and the simple click of a mouse is a win-win situation for both the client and FERC.

See our portfolio CD/DVD page to view our client solutions.

Licensing Management

An enormous amount of information is generated before, during, and after a licensing process. Organization of and access to that information is critical to fulfilling licensing goals. A good licensing management solution can provide structure and access to crucial business materials across a variety of platforms. eureka software has the essential experience to design, integrate, and implement licensing management solutions using tools such as SharePoint Portal Server, team services collaboration software, and current project management technology.

Grant County Public Utility DistrictDocument Management

Each licensing, relicensing, or compliance project can have its own diverse challenges and needs. At the onset of a project, the data, information, and knowledge generated is fundamental for the short-term survival of the management of licensing or relicensing a facility. Long-term knowledge management is essential for compliance and continued maintenance, perhaps encompassing the next fifty years.

The development of a customized knowledge management system expedites the success of the process by organizing the knowledge about the project into a knowledge base that has a twofold function: To obtain the license and then manage the resource over the long haul. There is a natural correlation between a cost-effective document and project management system and a user-friendly knowledge management system. Let eureka software help you     establish a knowledge management system that will serve the short- and long-term of your licensing or relicensing process.

Document Management Strategies
Using Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Technologies

Complex document management is as simple as opening a browser!

Using Windows SharePoint Services technology, eureka software can help configure a strategy that is custom-designed to solve your specific content management needs. Advanced searching, indexing, document management, and collaboration options mean that your knowledge management system works efficiently and effectively, whether dealing with hundreds or millions of pieces of information. Using digital dashboard technology, we can develop a functional and easy-to-use browser interface with custom web parts designed specifically for your organization.

  • Intranet Website: Private, custom-designed website for document management with library capabilities; operates inside enterprise firewall

  • Extranet Website: Custom-designed collaborative team services private and/or public website can be implemented for project management (operates outside the enterprise firewall, can be password protected with controlled-access features)

  • Internet Website: Integrated custom-designed features using SharePoint web parts with traditional web technologies

See our portfolio Websites page to view our client solutions.

SharePoint training can be tailored to your organization's specific needs. Instructor-led training sessions include visual and hands-on interactive presentations, customized training manuals, and the full support of our expert staff.

Here are just a few of the features available:

  • Browse by categories

  • Search (including best bets and application of meta data for document identification)

  • Subscribe to new or changing information

  • Check in and check out documents

  • Review and track a document’s version history

  • Approve documents for publication

  • Publish documents

  • Document publishing control through role-based assignment

  • Web discussions by multiple reviewers

  • Automated approval routes for document review

Integrated Project Management

Project management can make or break an entire process. eureka software has the experience and technology to design and implement and integrated project management system that encompasses document, process, and knowledge management tools. Using Microsoft Project in conjunction with other Microsoft technologies, such as SharePoint, eureka software can build an efficient and effective project management system that can have the following features:

  • Schedule and track tasks

  • Identify and assign resources for tasks

  • Track progress and responsible parties

  • Integrate with document and data management tools (such as ES Compliance Tracker and SharePoint)

  • Generate reports for responsible parties and management

  • Analyze and adjust processes for future proactive management

  • Manage projects by department or enterprise

  • And much more!

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