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Multimedia publishing is a system of electronic business solutions that can cross-purpose content.

eureka software offers complete e-publishing products and services tailored to meet your licensing/relicensing needs:

  • Websites: Designing and implementing customized websites on the public Internet and/or the private corporate intranet to facilitate the licensing/relicensing process

  • Databases: Designing and implementing databases for licensing compliance, dam safety,  and for tracking any licensing/relicensing conditions, articles, or documentation.

  • Systems Integration: Integrating legacy systems from existing corporate websites and database systems with custom websites and databases

  • Licensing/Relicensing Management: Developing document process systems that track multiple users and document versions, databases, and document management systems to manage the complexity of the licensing/relicensing process

  • License Publication: Creating templates designed with custom formatted styles for production of linked/bookmarked electronic documents, and processing complex documents into interactive PDFs for publication on the Web, CD/DVD, and print environments for the licensing/relicensing process

UARP Process for Sacramento Municipal Utility District

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