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The Public Website for the

Relicensing of Nevada Irrigation District’s

Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project,
FERC Project No. 2266

Welcome to Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project Relicensing Public Website.  This is an information resource for parties interested in the relicensing of NID’s Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Project No. 2266 (Project).

 The Project
The Project is located in Nevada, Placer and Sierra counties, California, and consists of 9 on-stream reservoirs (Jackson Meadows and Milton reservoirs on the Middle Yuba River; Jackson Lake on Jackson Creek; French, Faucherie, Sawmill and Bowman lakes on Canyon Creek; and Dutch Flat Afterbay and Rollins Reservoir on the Bear River), 3 off-stream impoundments (Dutch Flat Forebay, Little York Basin and Chicago Park Forebay), 2 diversion dams (Texas Creek and Fall Creek), 4 powerhouses (Bowman, Dutch Flat, Chicago Park and Rollins), one overhead, 60 kilovolt transmission line (Bowman-Spaulding), and various water conduits, recreation facilities and appurtent facilities and structures.  The combined gross storage capacity of the Project is about 207,865 acre-feet of water and the installed electric generation capacity is 79.32 megawatts.
 The License

The initial FERC license for the Project expires April 30, 2013.  NID intends to apply to FERC for a new license (Relicensing) using FERC’s Integrated Licensing Process (ILP), as described in Title 18 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Subchapter B, Part 5.  Consistent with these regulations, NID intends to file with FERC a notice of intent to apply for a new license and a Pre-application Document (PAD) after November 1, 2007 but no later than April 30, 2008.  NID plans to file an application for new license by April 30, 2011.

 The Relicensing Process
NID enters the Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project Relicensing with the expressed goal of achieving the Relicensing consistent with NID’s Mission Statement:  “…provide a dependable, quality water supply, strive to be good stewards of the watershed, and conserve the available resources.”  Specifically, NID’s Relicensing goal is to obtain a new license with minimal adverse impact to Project economics, while helping to foster NID’s relationship with the community, resource agencies, and other interested parties.  NID desires to obtain a new license of maximum term for the Project at a minimum cost (both initially and ongoing) that allows the Project to maximize profits from the production of electrical power while also meeting irrigation, environmental, recreational and other non-power requirements and needs.
 The Site Purpose

The purposes of this Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project Relicensing Public Website are to make available to federal, state and local agencies; non-governmental organizations; and individual members of the public who may be interested in the Relicensing: 1) documents and material developed by NID during the Relicensing; and 2) information regarding the Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project Relicensing proceeding.  The index to your left is divided into sections related to the Relicensing proceeding, and is periodically updated by NID.  Click on the item in which you are interested.  Please note that much of the information on this Public Website is in portable document format (pdf) or similar format, and some items appear blank until information is completed or published.

For more information on the Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project Relicensing, please contact NID’s General Manager at scherzinger@nidwater.com.

The latest Acrobat Reader is available at

 Yuba-Bear/Drum-Spaulding/Rollins Relicensing

NID and PG&E each own and operate FERC-licensed projects primarily located on the Middle and South Yuba rivers and the Bear River in California.  These projects include NID's Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project (FERC  2266), PG&E's Drum-Spaulding Project (FERC 2310) and PG&E's Rollins Transmission Line Project (FERC 2784).  The FERC licenses for these three projects all expire on April 30, 2013.  NID and PG&E each intend to apply for new licenses for their respective projects using FERC’s Integrated Licensing Process.  Because these three projects are located in the same watersheds and have concurrent license expiration dates, NID and PG&E have decided, to the extent practical, to cooperate and coordinate on their relicensing efforts.  Through this effort, NID and PG&E hope to: 1) maintain and enhance the overall comprehensive value of the projects; 2) develop with agencies and other interested parties a comprehensive plan for the management of resources affected by the projects; 3) streamline the relicensing process for agencies and other interested parties by coordinating the release and format of information; and 4) reduce the relicensing costs for NID, PG&E, agencies and other interested parties by sharing information and studies related to the projects. 


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