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eureka's Compliance Products

ES Compliance Tracker® off-the-shelf software module to help keep track of the hydroelectric licensing/relicensing compliance Compliance Tracker For more information, visit Contact us for more information.

ES Compliance Tracker SQL version offering enhanced features and a robust database platform. Major user functionality additions to this off-the-shelf SQL version include expanded task searching, improved navigation, and additional party notification options. For more information, visit

es Compliance Tracker . . . compliance management software for the hydroelectric industry

Compliance Tracker in action

ES Compliance Tracker's Features

Simple Form-Based Data EntryForm Based Entry

Data entry should be easy and intuitive. ES Compliance Tracker's user interface has clear and easy-to-use data entry fields that populate a variety of customized reports.

  • Enter/update all tasks in one location

  • Familiar Web-based form interface


Efficient Searching and Review of Tasks

There are several ways to locate a single task or a group of tasks. Task review summaries provides a real-time look at which tasks are due and who is responsible.

  • Easy to locate a specific task

  • Identify responsible parties for each task

  • Filter out groups of tasks based on specific criteria

  • Generate task review summaries

Track Accountability and Deliverables

Track accountability and deliverables with easily generated individual reports or summary reports.  Any report can be conveniently emailed to responsible parties directly out of the application. Custom reports can be configured to specific compliance needs.

Reminder Letter Generation

Reminder letters are easily generated and can be printed out and mailed or emailed directly to responsible parties. Reminder letter text can be customized and letters can be generated with one click at any daily interval needed!

Tasks Linked to Documents

With added customization, ES Compliance Tracker can be integrated with any project management software. One-to-one mapping of data fields ensures accurate migration of project management data.  The following features are included:

  • Links to supporting documents for each task can be added for full accessibility

  • Additionally, eureka software can create a collaborative website to house the documents.


Online Support and Training

Online support for ES Compliance Tracker provides current product and contact information, technical support, upgrade installations, and an up-to-date online help feature at: On-site training is available from eureka software.


Contact for ES Compliance Tracker
eureka software: 1-800-532-4551 Contact: Li Ochs


Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Division of Hydropower Administration and Compliance (DHAC)

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